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Do I need a drumkit to begin taking lessons?
No kit required initally..just some
drumsticks and about 20 mins per day to
practice the homework.

My kid has a busy schedule..between
Coderdojo or Hurling she has hardly a
minute to spare.. can you accommodate?
I teach most days so we should be able to
find a spot that suits.
book a trial lesson?

I'm left handed.Is that a problem?
No problem..we will configure a kit for you.

How long are the lessons?
They are 30 mins duration.One to one (not a
group) Parents/Guardians are welcome to
sit in on the session. Most people take one
lesson per week.  

Whats the minimum age for kids?
About six years old.Any student must be at a
stage of development where they are happy
to sit behind the drums for the duration of
the 30 min lesson.

Where are you located?Riverside Estate
which is circa 2.5 kms from Eyre Square on
the N17 Tuam Rd(Bus route 405 Liosban

I've been playing for years but I would like
to improve my playing..can you help?
Over the many years I've been teaching and
playing I've helped many drummers to
sharpen their skills..improvement is a
constant for most musicians,myself
contact me to discuss your

How do the Graded Exams work?Trinity and
Rockschool produce a graded
syllabus.Students study the material,register
for the exams and work their way through
the eight grades.The assessments take place
at various venues throughout the UK and
Kids drumming at galway drum school
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